Testing of USB3 repeater cable and hub

I did some simplified testing of an USB3.0 repeater cable and also USB3.0 hub in various configuration.

The following equipment was used and tested:
WD MyPassport 1TB external USB3 harddrive
Sunsway/STLab 4P USB3 powered hub
eMagic USB3 active repeater cable 5m (not powered)

Some of you might notice right away that the repeater cable is 5m while the maximum length for USB 3.0 is 3m.

The test was simply to copy about 20 large files, approximately 300MB each, from the external harddrive to the computer. Here are the testresults.

USB3 drive connected directly to the computer (reference):
To computer: 65 MB/sec – 75 MB/sec
From computer:  44 MB/sec – 46 MB/sec

Drive connected via USB3 hub.
To computer:  ca 68 MB/sec – 72 MB/sec
From computer:  ca 41 MB/sec – 45 MB/sec

Drive connected to USB3 repeater cable

Drive connected to USB3 hub which in turn is connected via the repeater cable.
To computer:  ca 36 MB/sec – 36 MB/sec
From computer:  ca 28 MB/sec – 32 MB/sec
note: Computer reports that it has downgraded the connection to a USB2 connection

Drive connected to a USB2 hub (Plexgear 7P, powered) and the hub is connected to the computer via a normal USB cable.
To computer:  ca 18 MB/sec – 20 MB/sec
From computer:  ca 14 MB/sec – 20 MB/sec

As reference, maximum theoretical speeds:
LowSpeed USB:            0,19 MB/s (1,5 Mbit/s)
FullSpeed (USB1.1):      1,5  MB/s (12 Mbit/s)
HighSpeed (USB2.0):     60,0  MB/s (480 Mbit/s)
Super Speed (USB3.0):  625,0  MB/s (5 Gbit/s)
MIDI:  0,0039 MB/s
24 bit 44,1 kHz stereo:  0,26 MB/s

So that’s how that all played out.

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