Disassemble a Sony Vaio for cleaning (and back again)

The cpu/gpu fan on my two year old laptop, a Sony Vaio F13, Intel i7, was starting to speed up ever so often. And even though the computer itself has been superb, it was starting to annoy me.
So to see if it could remedy the problem, it was cleaning time!

First shut it down and remove the battery. After that check markings to see which order to remove stuff. Middle compartment (for memory) has one dot so we start there.

At the first dot, the memory hatch.
The second dots mark the harddrive.
And the third dots are for fastening the DVD/Blu-ray drive.
Make sure to store the screws in a way so that you can easily remember where they belong. On a white, marked up paper for example.

We remove the harddrive by first removing the two screws to the left and then gently pulling the drive away from the connector, on the right, in a straight line.

The same goes for the DVD/Blu-ray drive.

Beneath the drive there are three small screws that needs to be removed.

Now make sure all other screws are removed on the backside cover. There are some really small ones where the battery sits.

After removing all those screws and storing them in an orderly and safe amnner you remove the bottom cover.
You may have to jiggle a little and do it carefully bit by bit to check that no more screws are fastening it.

The cover or lid has to be removed in a certain direction and angle. Check how it connects around all the peripherals to figure it out. You’ll have to jiggle a bit there as well.

If you use a small vacuum to clean the surface make sure nothing is left loose on the board.

Now even if it looks like there are no real amount of dirt you may have to check closer. At the fan of course and where the air is flowing. I used a small cue-tip with just a tiny amount of water to clean the fan blades carefully. It does get dirty no matter what.

And then the assembly.
Now it wasn’t that dirty really so did it help any? It actually did, quite a lot.

until next time  .c

2 thoughts on “Disassemble a Sony Vaio for cleaning (and back again)

  1. You can also check between the heatsink and the fan … there is often an accumulation of dense fluff there (a bit like in a tumble dryer filter) which needs to be removed.

    1. Good advice kee!
      And that’s definitely the case for stationary computers as well.
      However I don’t really know how to do it on this laptop. I removed the visible screws holding the fan but didn’t want to use to much force too loosen it as I might damage it. Or perhaps it was fastened somewhere else that I didn’t see. Anyone with a description or a link to a how-to, preferably with pictures, for the Vaio, feel free to post it.

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