Graphics resolution and VGA cable length

In the studio there’s two VGA cables running about 7,5 meters from the computer to the displays. They run from the graphics card with a DVI-to-VGA adapter in one end to the VGA-connection on two flat 22″ widescreens at the other end. Previously, with 1,5 m cables, there were no problems using full resolution, 1680×1050. But with the introduction of longer cables there were so I thought I’d share my experience.

The longer the cables the less resolution you will be able to achieve (and slower refresh rate as well).
Signal seems to degrade fast even with good cables. The displays didn’t get recognized at full resolution even though I tried to force it. It just wouldn’t work and I had to settle with less for the time being. I think I managed 1440×900 but otherwise only lower resolutions not really suited for these displays were available.

Graphics card and computer setup can make a difference! A couple of months later I upgraded the whole computer and with that a new graphics card.
I had to force the resolution by deactivating automatic detection (in the Catalyst driver software) but it finally solved the issue. Now I once again, happily, run at full resolution on my dual screen setup.

All in all, longer cables is a longshot for good display resolution. The only way to really know is to test the setup.
I’m just glad it finally worked out for me.